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Real Added Value

We learned along time ago, to have a specific agenda for every visit with a dealer. Many Product Representatives will tend to show up with no meaningful content. Not PGS. Our biggest fear is not having any real value to offer a dealer. So we work very hard at bringing subject matter that leaves the dealer better off than they were before the meeting.

We understand this better than most because at one time, "we the dealer". We understand what is important to dealers and that they will sell products that they are confident in. It is not "rocket science".  So, we tailor each dealer visit around their specific need at that particular time. Needs are always changing, but our encompassing goal is to help the dealer become completely comfortable and confident with our products.

 We also believe in extreme availability. There is nothing more frustrating than when you "can't get a hold" of someone. With today's technology, there is no excuse. We answer our cell phones! If we are already on a call or in a meeting, we promise that we will return that call that same day. 

Our market coverage is completely flexible to the need of the Manufacturer. We rarely will cover the "entire" above States. However, we do have the ability to work with manufactures and their specific needs in regards to a particular region shown above. Our core states include Colorado and Northern California, but are completely available for the other areas.

A good Product Representative can add a lot of value the Dealer/Manufacturer partnership. The responsibilities are many: Product education, dealer procurement, trouble shooting, design assistance, pricing assistance, market and trend analysis, just to name a few. Pro Group Sales is about "Solutions" and we look forward to working with you.